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How to Help

We need sponsorships to help fund our services.

Should you wish to sponsor us, you could contribute towards the costs of treatment, purchase of new equipment, rental of our premises at TMH, or the establishment of a "Snoozelum" room for sensory stimulation.

Money can be deposited directly into our bank account.

With your contribution, we can build teams of local South African professionals
who, by practicing the Therapeutic Spiral Model™, can offer support to those in need.

Please help us build a better South Africa by breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse and violence!

Banking details

Account name Acting Thru Ukubuyiselwa
Bank Nedbank
Branch Penny Lane, Halfway House
Branch number 168-642
Account number 1686 162170


Why We Need Help

ATU needs your contribution so that we can:

  • Reach more people in need
  • Increase the number of fully trained staff
  • Increase the number of trained community members
  • Expand into additional regions
  • Win governmental recognition and backing
  • Make a South African contribution to the International body of knowledge and experience

Make South Africa and safer and happier place for us all!

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The Current Environment

Generations of people in South Africa have been subjected to violence and subjugation. During the years of freedom fighting, many areas witnessed the most appalling violence. This has left people with an expectation of brutality and acceptance that abuse of individuals is the norm.

The situation has been made worse by the fact that, as economic opportunity reaches the more privileged, the people who would have been role models for the children of the community, have left to live in more affluent areas.

The neediest populations are left with drug barons and gang leaders as the most "successful" community members. These are the role models for those who are already traumatized by having witnessed war conditions and for whom sexual, physical and emotional abuse is the expected lot of children, the elderly and disabled.

It is no surprise therefore that crime and misery are on the increase!

ATU has been established to address these conditions and to start on the long and difficult process of bringing healing and new hope to these people.


What are we doing?

The work in South Africa is designed to bring healing processes into the hearts and minds of afflicted communities. The creation of a community model, rather than offering only traditional therapy in clinical settings, will spread the benefits far more quickly. And through the involvement of community members, the culture will slowly but surely change, to be more supportive and caring of human life and happiness.

Collaboration with organizations, and individuals such as you, support from Themba Lesizwe and EU funding partnerships, are making it possible for the Therapeutic Spiral Model™ to be used in grass roots and community development settings.

With your help we can offer training in the prescriptive aspects of the model and develop the skills of non-professional peer counselors.

We have started in Ivory Park, Midrand and at The Memorial Institute, Johannesburg and we expect that the program currently being developed and implemented here in South Africa will serve as a template for similar work throughout this country and the rest of the continent.

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Personal Stories

Access to the TSM™ workshops run in South Africa has had a profound impact on the lives of many people. These individuals can tell their stories far more eloquently than we can. Take a look at their reactions and responses to the exposure they have had. Remember, to keep this momentum going we will be needing funds.

Please help us to keep up the good work which has been started. ATU is putting in hours and hours of effort. Please help us by your donation.

"When I first started coming to this workshop, I was not like this. I was very sick. I want all elderly people to come here. I was stressed and depressed. There was something that was eating at me day and night. Now everything is okay. I have been given a plot and I am going to start a project. I am so happy. I can think positively.


When I cam here I had a lot of stress. My children ran away from me. They didn't want to stay with me. I was so worried because I had to live alone. Because you supported me, I can do everything. I can even sleep at night. My grandchild was sick, but now he is well and he is the one who takes care of me.


Team, you are doing a good job. You must not humiliate yourself and think that you are young. The work you are doing is bigger than you are and you must continue doing it. Our bank account was closed because the bank said there is no money in it. Then they called me and gave me a cheque. When I went to pay the telephone bill, they said the bill had already been paid. I have seen many miracles since I came here."


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